Creativity requires failure

Creativity requires failure

In order to be creative (or innovative), you must be allowed to have bad ideas.

I recently encountered a situation where I felt that I had to be good at everything I did. When I did something different, and it didn’t work out, I was made to feel bad. In addition, that experiment was later interpreted as a lack of competence. The people doing the judging, really didn’t understand the need to fail when you are being creative.

If you aren’t allowed to fail, then you wont risk anything. Suddenly, every idea become a “safe” idea, and you are no longer creating, you are simply doing it the way it has always been done.

So, the next time you approach someone who appears to have a “stupid idea”, remember not to judge. A creative person needs the opportunity to do stupid things now and then in order to develop that brilliant idea.

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  1. Well said, becky! However I will back you one further and say that it is imparative that you not only fail every now and then, but everyday, early, and OFTEN.

    In truly creative successful organizations, failing is a sign of action…moving forward…getting things done. Truly brilliant creativity and innovative products will always be met with disdain and grumblings from those who simply meander through life following the rules dealt by someone else.

    I’ve seen those types of smug SOB “managers” roll their eyes, and giggle to themselves after totally crushing a passionate worker in their charge. Its makes me sick to hear about yet another incident of it.
    They call it “coaching”…gag!

    Fear of failure is oldschool and better left to the greymatter of business1.0. Failure is the new success! Those who embrace it will rule the next generation of technological advancements.

    Get out! Get out now!

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