Regular Postings – What I learned

Regular Postings – What I learned

Hello world :).

Now that I am soon to be unemployed (at least briefly), I hope to get back to regular blog posts. One of the first series I shall do is, what I learned during my last job. My last job, was a the “Training Specialist” for a high tech start-up. I was the only training person on staff. In addition, this was my first experience in a company with 80-110 people.

Look for posts, soon to come, on the following topics:
– Creating material that anyone can present.
– Creating material that anyone can maintain.
– Real needs versus perceived needs.
– Sometimes “OK” is good enough.
– Breaking the barrier between formal “training” and informal learning.

Another series I hope to put together will include pictures and possibly stories from my northern British Columbia vacation. I am planning a trip up to Kitimat, BC, to go fishing with my parents. This time of year (the week of summer solstice), Kitimat gets about 4-hours of darkness. The long days allow for lots of time to enjoy nature. I’m looking forward to the week of allergy free peace and quiet.


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