How do I innovate?

How do I innovate?

Innovation is the act of creating something new. Paul Sloane at Innovation Blog explains that:

“We tend to think of an innovation as a new product but you can innovate with a new process, method, business model, partnership, route to market or marketing method. Indeed every aspect of your business operation is a candidate for innovation. Peter Drucker said, ‘Every organization must prepare for the abandonment of everything it does.’ So do not restrict your vision of innovation to products. Some of the most powerful innovations you can make are in business methods and customer services. If we look at companies like Dell, eBay and Amazon we see that their great innovations were with their business models rather than in new products.”

For me, innovation is about change – changing things to make them work better. I focus on innovation as a way to make processes more efficient and sustainable. I also look at culture, and what can be done to make the culture of an organization support innovation. Often, it is the culture that prevents the success of people who want to create innovative solutions. So, what is the best way to make that cultural shift to an organization that supports innovation?

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