Finding URLs in Blackboard

Finding URLs in Blackboard

I'm a little shocked that the Product Managers at Blackboard let a release go out where linking to internal content wasn't built-in. Learning to use Blackboard for setting up an online course is a certainly a recipe in frustration. Even more so, if you are inheriting a course shell that has had too many hands in it over the last 8-years! To me is seems that Blackboard is too technical for non-technical people and too restrictive for technical people. It seems to serve neither audience well.

After much searching, and consulting with coworkers, I have finally figured out a convoluted, yet effective, method for determining a URL to content that was generated using Blackboard – content such as Quizes. For content written in HTML and uploaded as files, you can use relative linking – so no special process necessary, just make sure you aren't using the full filepath.

To determine a URL for Blackboard content:

  1. Using a Firefox browser (works on Mac and PC – don't know the process for other browsers). Ensure you are in Student View, by clicking the Student view tab.



  2. Navigate to your content. Ensure your content – exactly where you want the link – is showing in the main panel.
  3. Place your mouse pointer anywhere within the frame and right-click.
  4. Select This Frame > Open in New Window.
  5. Navigate to the new window and copy the URL. This is the URL you can use in your content.

Funny, now that I write it, it doesn't seem so complicated. But really, how difficult would it have been for Blackboard to create a "get URL" link in the Build view?

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  1. Ah yes, Blackboard.  I was going to say that it's my least favorite Learning Management System, but that distinction goes to Pearson's eCollege 🙂
    I don't really like Blackboard Vista (formerly WebCT), there are better products out there, but inertia is hard to fight.

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