Privilege and equity in health care

Privilege and equity in health care

I shared the other day the idea the for the privileged equity feels like oppression.

It occurred to me that this is in part why I am scared at the idea of moving back to Canada and relying on the Canadian healthcare system. The Canadian system is a good one. It is mostly equitable. It suffers from the same issues as most, in that people in rural areas don’t get as good care as those who live closer to major medical centres. That issue exists in the US too.

But, at the moment, I’m extremely privileged when it comes to healthcare. I have good insurance. For the most part, I have access to excellent doctors, and I can afford my medicines. I have learned to use my privilege to get good healthcare.

Going back to a more equitable system means I will lose my privilege. I will need to learn to navigate a different system. I will still have some privilege because of my education, but it will be much less than I have at the moment, in the vary inequitable American system.


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