Innovation in eLearning

Innovation in eLearning

Whenever I get the chance to talk to other training professionals, I ask the question "what does innovative eLearning look like?". So far, the biggest thing I've seen in "innovation" is a design characteristic rather than a technology. The designers build "choose-your-own-adventure" type scenarios that require the reader to use critical thinking skills rather than just memorization.

Here are a couple great examples:

  • Cathy Moore does a great eLearning module (just using Powerpoint) on cultural awareness in Afghanistan.
  • Tom Kuhlmann gives a demonstration showing a scenario based security eLearning module built in Powerpoint and Articulate. He is actually showing what Powerpoint and Articulate can do, but it is the design itself that makes the module interesting.

I haven't yet found the opportunity to implement this type of learner activity, but I'm definitely looking forward to when the opportunity will present itself.

… and I'm still looking for examples of innovative eLearning.

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