I just don’t use the phone

I just don’t use the phone

I bought my Android Smartphone a month ago, and as no great surprise, I’ve used a whopping 16 minute of voice time. I spend maybe a 30 minutes a week on my landline phone talking to my mother, but other than that, I just don’t use the phone. Voice is not my thing. This is one of the main reasons I waited so long to upgrade to a Smartphone. It is tough to justify the cost of a device when you don’t use it for its primary purpose.

The things I do use the phone for are:

  • Text messaging my husband to remind him to come home from work.
  • Reading Kindle books on the bus (I use my Kindle at home).
  • Using the GPS to track my cycling and running workouts.
  • Playing MP3s while exercising and driving long distances.
  • Catching up on Facebook & Twitter and posting updates on the go.
  • Testing mobile website applications that I’m developing.

I can also say, that at least once, my Smartphone has helped the environment. I went to purchase a CD (it has been many years since I last bought a physical CD) and the store was not where it used to be. Once I got there, I was happy that I could just park, pull out my Smartphone, and search for the closest store location. Without the phone, I would have driven back home to look it up on the Internet. So, the Smartphone did save me some gas and time, and the environment some CO2 emissions.

I do expect that the longer I have the phone, the more purposes I’ll find for it.

Other than phone calls, how do you use your phone?

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  1. In addition to these purposes, I use it
    to instantly check  three different email accounts (hotmail, gmail, uottawa)
    to play games
    to check my bank accounts
    to communicate with my friends free (by using viber, kakao talk, Skype…)
    to keep track of important dates via calendar.

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