My 2013 Digital Footprint

My 2013 Digital Footprint

In a discussion thread from the #wweopen13 MOOC (the Facebook discussion is still active), Penny (thanks) pointed out a fun app – It is similar to Wordl, but it puts the words into shapes. With one of the shapes being a foot, I felt I just had to take all my blog posts from 2013 and plug them in to see what my "digital footprint" for 2013 would look like. 

I just love the phrases that scream out at me:


  • Apps provide people content
  • Use learning
  • Connect new technology
  • Work Need course
  • Research eLearning
  • Create need
  • Need device
  • MOOC – Make presentation
  • Video Textbook
  • Author apps
  • Education conference
  • iPad allows learning

What do you see?

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