ANT and Rhizo collaborations – Part 1

ANT and Rhizo collaborations – Part 1

As my notes get longer and longer, I thought it best that I start getting these ideas out of my head and onto the blog. Several months ago, I kicked off a collaboration to look at the tools that help support collaborations in the rhizo community. The purpose of this exploratory study is to examine the ways in which various subgroups of the #rhizo community have collaborated across countries, continents, cultures, and institutions to create academic papers and conference presentations. The study in and of itself represents a collaboration.

Our initial collaborations all focused around collaborative autoethnography. We focused on the stories of us as individuals and what drove each of us to collaborate or become part of the community. This study changes the focus away from the people (although they still play an important role) towards the technologies, which have largely be ignored (not completely ignored, but generally only addressed by those who are writing software). We decided that actor-network theory was a good lens to use to begin our explorations of the technology-side of our collaborations. The challenge was, for me and a few others, we didn’t know enough about ANT to know where to begin! And so, with that starting point, we have been reading and trying to figure things out through various blog posts. Here are a few of my colleagues blog posts on the topic:


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