Welcoming students

Welcoming students

The classes I teach started today. I wanted to make a welcoming statement, as I recall friends telling me that it mattered when professors said to them that they would be welcome in the class (regardless of sexuality). I wanted to make sure my statement felt inclusive, but wasn’t too long or a long list of different ways in which people might be different. This is what I currently have:

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all students to my classroom – regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural affiliation, or religion. All are welcome in my classroom.

As we learn together, I expect that we do so with mutual respect for each other. Online communication can sometimes be misinterpreted. We need to remember to always assume the best of intentions.

Any recommendations on how I might improve it?


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    1. I really like the idea of emphasis on collaboration rather than competition. It is vitally important when tackling the ideas around group work.

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