Want an Instructional Designer to create a 3-week online course for you?

Want an instructional designer to create a 3-week instructor led online course for you? I’m looking for a few potential organizations with some flexibility to provide projects for my students to complete.

I teach a course called “The design and instruction of online courses”. As part of the course, students need to create a 3-week instructor-led online course – that is, this is not a self-paced eLearning course, rather the intent is that the course is facilitated by someone who is not the student. Courses are typically hosted in free LMSs such as Blackboard Coursesites or Canvas, but could be created on an in-house LMS as long as the student, myself, and a few additional students have access to the course for marking and peer review.

My students are near the end of a certificate or masters degree in Instructional Design. In some cases, they are are able to find projects in their workplace that meet the needs of the course. In other cases, they create courses based upon hobbies. However, I do have some students who would love to get some real-world experience while meeting the requirements for the course.

Here is a short video presentation that outlines the project requirements:

Here are a couple of examples that my students have done in the past:

I’m looking for a few organizations/people who wish to have a 3-week instructor-led online course developed. Projects would start the third week of September and end the second week of December. The organization would need to be available to provide subject matter expert support and design approval throughout the process. The student will setup a project plan so that you can agree upon deliverables and milestones. You will need to agree with the student what will happen to the project course at the end of the semester.

Want an Instructional designer to create a 3-week instructor led online course for you? If you are interested, please complete the form below.

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