Treehouse Village

Treehouse Village

One of my current projects is as a member of Treehouse Village Ecohousing. Treehouse Village is a cohousing community that is being established in Bridgewater Nova Scotia (on the South Shore in Lunenburg County).

Below is a short digital story that I wrote about how I came to find Treehouse Village Ecohousing.

I am doing a lot of work with the community. I currently lead the Community Life circle, the Event Planning subcircle, and the Website subcircle. I also sit on the market circle (as facilitator) and the social media circle (as the Twitter coordinator).

One of the things I love most about my work with Treehouse Village is the intentional community. I feel like I know so many of my future neighbours really well already and we haven’t even moved in yet. I cannot wait until we have finished construction and can move in. It will be wonderful to be able to mozy on down to the common house to chat with my neighbours or help cook a community meal.

If you want to learn more about cohousing and specifically Treehouse Village, check out our website at: